Companion Course to the OCD Coloring Book


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Defy OCD: The Companion Course for the OCD Coloring Book

Maybe you've already colored the pages in the OCD Coloring Book and you're hungry for more ideas, or you're getting ready to start coloring the pages and you want to go all out gangbusters after OCD. Either way, the Companion Course to the OCD Coloring Book will make your path to freedom bright and clear.

The Companion Course to the OCD Coloring Book adds depth into the strategies addressed in the OCD Coloring Book. But, the course is not a stand alone product. Be sure to have the "OCD Coloring Book" or the "OCD Coloring Book Journal" in hand before starting the Companion Course. (For best results, the "OCD Coloring Book Journal" is highly recommended.)

The therapeutic benefits of coloring is widely recognized in the field of psychology and mindfulness training. By using coloring pages, the OCD Coloring Book helps you to focus in the moment. And while in the moment, you learn a valuable, powerful lesson on how to defy OCD. The Companion Course provides additional examples and explanations.

What you get with the Companion Course to the OCD Coloring Book

  • 14 lessons, one for each coloring page. Each video is less than 15 minutes long and once downloaded, the series is yours for life. Practice makes progress so watch them often!
  • Pause and rewind the video so that you can go at your own pace.
  • Warning: The soundtrack is catchy and might put a little kick in your step.

What people are saying about the OCD Coloring Book

  • It's genius! I can practice mindfulness and develop strategies to beat OCD at the same time!
  • Each image really tells a story about what it's like to defy. I colored "Let Go or Be Dragged" and taped it up on the mirror in my bathroom. I'm not going to be dragged!
  • Coloring the pages made me hopeful. I felt I finally understood what I needed to do. I know it'll take time but I'm inspired.
  • This book is a game changer. It's clever. I love the descriptions of each page. I felt understood. I'm not alone!
  • Thanks for this book! it makes me laugh at OCD. I never thought I could do that! I love the picture of OCD in the audience with thumbs down. So funny. Thank you!
  • I got revved up after coloring these pages. If you're stuck on a compulsion, color these pages!